Construction Reopening

October 1, 2021


The Building Industry Group of Unions (BIG) welcomes today’s announcement by the state Government to reopen Victoria’s construction industry next week.
This reopening adopts several of the BIG’s recommendations, including improved safety
measures on-site, stricter Covid-Safe plans and the return of the smoko shed.
The sheds will return with strict density limits and ventilation, meaning that workers have a safe
and hygienic place at work to take their breaks.
Union members are already on the job, preparing sites to return to work next week in a
productive and Covid-Safe way.
We now call on the state Government to work with industry on a common-sense, practical
approach to return to normal construction for all workers, which must include recognition of the
Gold Standard and Rapid Antigen testing.
After violent and reckless protestors shut down Victoria’s construction industry for two weeks,
the Building Industry Group of Unions, and their members, have got the industry open and will
keep it safe.
Quotes attributable to the BIG Secretaries:
“After the despicable actions of a small minority last week, including attacking nurses and
urinating on the Shrine, frontline workers need to know that Union members in the construction industry, and their families, stand with you through this difficult time.”
Troy Gray – Secretary, ETU Victoria
“Our members are on job sites now, across Victoria, preparing Covid-Safe crib rooms to allow
work to commence on Tuesday.”
“The industry Gold Standard for Covid-Safe work should have been adopted across the whole industry. We know it’s world’s best practice and we will continue to fight to have it recognised.”
Earl Setches – Secretary, PPTEU Victoria
“We look forward to working with the government on a plan which sees all construction workers return to the job as soon as possible, in a safe and productive way.”
Tony Mavromatis – Secretary, AMWU Victoria
“A group of morons might have managed to shut down construction, but the members of the building unions are the ones who got it open safely.”
John Setka – Secretary, CFMEU Victoria & Tasmania