EBA Wins for our Victorian Members 2020 to 2023

EBA Wins for our Members 2020 to 2023

There is now a final offer for a new 2020 to 2023 EBA commencing August.

You can be sure that your union has and is fighting hard for you, with wins covering: 


A wage increase in the most difficult economic position we have faced in years


Locked in RDO’s until 2026


Improved super and insurance packages


Increased redundancy payments


Super that exceeds standard levels


Trials with builders for shift sharing to help families


Increases on parental and partner leave


Further amenities and protection for our female members


Employer agreements for casual workers after a 4-week period

That’s not all! We have protected our allowances, safety standards, and introduced even more quality industry training, therefore opportunities.

With COVID-19 restrictions we will not be able to have a mass meeting at Festival Hall as is the usual practice to inform on the EBA. Members will be voting on the new EBA company by company as required by the Fair Work Act 2009.

CFMEU Members Enjoying EBA Wins
CFMEU John Setka supporting his members

Important Info and Gains

Clause 4 - Scope

Apartment developments below $50 million project value and $25 million project value for community, health education, refurbishment, and not-for-profit projects.

Wage rates of this Agreement, the 36-hour week and Site Allowance, will be paid in full.

Overtime rates, fares and travel will refer to the award.

The Agreement recognises the continuing growth in disparity between the non-EBA Employers and those signing this Agreement.

Clause 10 – Disputes Procedure

New enforcement provision to allow FWC or Federal Court to give effect to decisions of panel

A major change that can force employers to carry out the Agreement

Clause 13 – Contract of Employment

The Federal Court decision about misusing “casual” labour is written into Agreement

After 4 weeks, casuals can ask for permanent work and be paid 175% of ordinary rates if employer refuses.

New clause to provide “Flexible Working Arrangement” for women, older, injured, and disabled Employees to work less than 36 Hour week.

This will be trialled by builders only, during the life of this Agreement.

Wages and Conditions will be on a pro-rata basis.

Clause 14 – Apprentices

Apprentice weekly rates will be based on the Agreement Trades rates, not the Award, for all calculations.

Apprentice Levy for redundancy will increase from current $1.00 per week to $5.00 per week over life of Agreement.

Improved deal on payment of training costs.

Clause 15 – Security of Employment

New anti-wage theft provision.

Clause 21 – Superannuation

Increase weekly payments from $225.00 to $280.00 in July 2023.

Current $81 per week redundancy payment will double to $160 per week at 1st October 2023.

Insurance safety package protected from Morrison Government interference and improved with:

Child Care Assistance Benefit, where member or their partner pass-away.

Bill Payer Insurance, where member on payment for over 14 days $5,000 bills will be paid.

Portable Sick Leave, members can use up to 5 days as Careers Leave.

Training Levy, increased from current $4.50 per week to $12.50 per week at 1st October 2023.

Clause 24 – Wage Rates

Depending on Classification, average $50 per week for Ordinary hours and higher rates on overtime.

Average increase over life of agreement will be $200 a week.

First wage increase August 2020 then second increase 1st March 2021, third increase 1st March 2022 and final increase 1st March 2023.

Clause 25 – Allowances

Allowances (except Site Allowance) will now be adjusted by CPI – All groups, Melbourne as at 31st December each year and payable from 1st March following year.

Site Allowance will continue to be adjusted by CPI – All Groups Melbourne as at 30th June each year and payable from 1st October that year.

Site allowance is now clearly payable on inclement weather including when the employee leaves site and is paid.

Site allowances for North East Link project is written into this Agreement.

Clause 26 – Clothing Issue

Work boots must be of a standard equivalent to Steel Blue, Oliver or Mongrel brands and suitable for work being done. Supply of inferior quality boots will be a breach of the Agreement.

Clause 30 – Inclement Weather

Dewatering will only be done by labourer classifications on penalty rates, where whole site/deck if affected.

Crane Crews where only a portion of the site is affected by inclement weather and after 4 hours, crews staying back will be paid double time.

Clause 31 – Training

Employers can only use Registered Training Organisations that meet the highest standard set by National and State authorities.

Clause 36 – Rostered Days Off

36 Hour week calendars are written in the Agreement till 2026, so those for the next Agreement are written in, in advance.

Where Anzac Day falls on a Saturday or Sunday, then the calendars provide for a substitute day.

Clause 37 – Overtime

Leisure Time Protected, will be adjusted to provide for a 5 Day week including overtime on Fridays. Where the Union agrees to a “trial” eg. on projects Council restrictions make Saturdays too difficult.

“Trial” will allow working of listed Saturdays, which can only follow RDO weekends. Not weekends with an RDO attached.

Clause 40 – Public Holidays

Anzac Day can be substituted by Agreement where it falls on a Saturday or Sunday.

Agreement already reached by inclusion in calendars that are part of the Agreement.

Clause 45 – Parental Leave / Dad & Partner Pay

Parental leave will increase paid leave from 10 to 18 weeks.

New Dad & Partner Pay provision will provide 2 weeks paid leave.

Clause 47 – Picnic Day

Picnic ticket is part of Incolink package paid by employer

Clause 65 – Crane Crew Safety

Safety provision that tower crane operators cannot be asked to climb over 30 meters has been written into Agreement.

Clause 67 - Safe & Respectful Workplaces

New clause that requires Employers to ensure women Employees are treated with respect and without discrimination, harassment, or bullying.

Clause 70 – Amenities for Women

New clause to ensure proper facilities on site for women Employees.

Helmets off to the CFMEU for winning more benefits for its members
CFMEU Members young and old always come first

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

What improvements have been made to the weather clause?

Two changes

(a) clarified that labourer classifications do the “dewatering” of sites affected by water under foot or flooding and

(b) arrangements for crane crews staying on- site beyond 4 hours of inclement weather have been changed.

What differences have been made to site allowances?

We’ve introduced shift sharing. It’s helping families manage taking care of kids a lot better and helps us have more women on sites. It also suits older, injured, and disabled employees who can still work but need to work less than the 36 Hour week.

Is the 5-day week going to be forced?

No, members cannot be forced, there must be an agreement between the Builder and the Union for a trial. With any subbies and their employees being notified in advance of the trial.

Incolink – what is the increase?

$20 per year.

Incolink redundancy contributions will increase to $100 per week from 1st October 2020.

$120 per week 1st October 2021,

$140 per week 1st October 2022 and

$160 per week 1st October 2023.

Anything else? Just ask..

This contact form is for EBA questions only. For non-EBA questions, please call the office on (03) 9341 3444.