Media Statement: Second Diagnosis

March 31, 2020

A worker on a South Melbourne Multiplex Construction site has been diagnosed with COVID-19.  

A week ago, the worker’s partner was unwell, displaying symptoms of COVID-19. She was subsequently tested and received a positive diagnosis. 

After his partner was diagnosed, the worker immediately self-isolated. Upon showing symptoms, he was also tested and received a positive diagnosis of COVID-19 at 6:00pm, Monday 30th March.

Following the ‘Confirmed Covid-19 Case Process’ in line with recommendations provided by the Chief Health Officer and DHHS, he immediately contacted his employer, who then contacted the construction company, Multiplex, who notified the CFMEU, PPTEU, ETU and the AMWU. The site was immediately shut down and DHHS was made aware. 

All workers on this site were notified and the entire site was thoroughly sanitised by professional cleaners. It was also then cleaned by a forensic cleaning company with Multiplex, the CFMEU, PPTEU, ETU and AMWU taking all measures to protect the safety of all construction workers. 

After an investigation from DHHS, only two of these workers were identified as having been in close contact with the individual and are now in self isolation for the next 14-days.


For further information: | 03 9421 2886