Setka speaks with 3AW’s Neil Mitchell regarding shut downs

September 15, 2021

John Setka speaks to 3AW’s Neil  Mitchell regarding lockdowns and the risk of further closures 

CFMEU State Secretary John Setka remains adamant the “vast majority” of workers are doing the right thing and complying with COVID-19 rules.

“But we are a big industry – nearly 300,000 people,” he told Neil Mitchell.

“You’re never going to get everybody following the rules, but I’d like to think the vast majority are doing the right thing.”

Mr Setka welcomed the compliance blitz announced by government on Monday.

He said vaccination rates in the construction sector needed to improve, urging workers to “listen to experts” and not people on the internet.

“I find it insulting from some people that want to put all sorts of drugs in their body, do lines of whatever, smoke ice pipes, smoke 19,000 packets of cigarettes and then say they don’t want to be vaccinated,” Mr Setka said.

“I find it absolutely ridiculous, to be quite honest.

“But there are some people who have legitimate, genuine concerns, and you’ve got to respect that.”