Your cooperation & COVID-safe rules are keeping us operational

July 20, 2021

Due our well established COVID-safe practices – we continue to successfully manage further outbreaks.

A Multiplex consultant visited three CBD sites late last week, later testing positive. As a direct result of the implementation of the Industry COVID-19 Guidelines, – ie temperature testing, workplace mapping and mandatory wearing of face masks, Multiplex was quickly able to provide key contract tracing information to Dept. of Health and minimise the downtime of these project sites. 

Given the limited interaction with Multiplex staff and subcontractors, there is little to no likelihood of cross contamination from this outbreak to other subcontractors in the industry.

There is currently a positive case linked to the West Gate Tunnel project, where a V-line
employee who attended the project last Thursday has since tested positive. This case is under
review at present but again, most likely little to no risk of cross contamination to other projects.
Another construction site affected is LEND LEASE’s works at HMAS Cerberus where multiple
work sites were declared exposure sites as a result of a serving naval person testing positive. 
Please continue to follow the COVID-safe rules we have put in place so we can keep safe and working.