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We are committed to lead workers safely through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our priority has always been to protect the safety and livelihoods of our members, their families, and the broader community.

You should all be proud of what we have achieved this so far. It’s been tough, but we have made it through together.

We have been praised by the government for our ‘Worlds Best Practice’ with safety measures in place well beyond those that were required, but we need the entire industry to follow our lead to protect ALL construction workers jobs.

Please remember the COVID-safe practices we have put in place.

The work you are doing is vital. Be proud to be union and proud to lead the recovery of our economy


Everyone must practise good hygiene to protect against infection to help prevent the virus spreading.

Key elements CFMEU Representatives are implementing on a daily basis are:

Separation of meal breaks for maximum personal space

Using suitable gloves where workers are in proximity

Providing hand sanitiser in all hoists, amenities and areas and levels of the site

Conduct regular toolbox meetings to provide up-to-date information

Just like with any sickness – If you feel unwell, particularly with any of the symptoms of COVID-19, cough, sore throat, fever, difficulty breathing – don’t go to work, call your doctor.



vaccination questions and answers
  • Q- Can the operator of a construction site refuse to allow an unvaccinated worker onto the work site?
  • A- Yes, they must comply with the directions of the Chief Health Officer by law  
  • Q- Can Site Operators keep record of my vaccination status?

  • A- Yes, Site Operators are required by law to collect and hold information about all workers vaccination status.

Click here to see all vaccination Q&As

Common questions Shop Stewards are being asked on sites

Click here to see Maurice Blackburn’s advice


The CFMEU is working with builders to limit the risk of Covid-19 on our sites. Measures include:

  • staggered starts to shifts
  • staggered breaks
  • extra smoko sheds installed (to limit the number of people in them).

The CFMEU is aware of all the risks of Covid-19, and we want to keep all our members safe, healthy and employed.


In line with the Victoria’s Dept of Health & Human Services recommendations on transport carriers, the number of personnel in a lift/hoist at any one time should be limited.

When you are queueing up to get in a lift/hoist, please be patient and give each other room.

Advice from the Federal Dept of Health and the DHHS state that lifts/hoists can still be used on site and all employees must follow the above stated rules when going inside any lift and using hoists.  

Commonly asked questions regarding the govt. decision to reduce capacity to 25%
Download informational flyer CFMEU FAQ AUG 2021 covering: 
  • Does my employer have to pay me if I’ve been stood down?
  • Which jobs can continue at full capacity? 
  • What should I do if I’ve been stood down? 
  • What should I do if I am still able to work? 
  • What if I have COVID-19 symptoms and need to isolate? 
FAQ's on JobKeeper, being stood down and redundancies

CFMEU VIC/TAS Media Statements

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